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BetaViet was established and operated with the desire to provide design consultancy services and professional construction synchronously meet the needs of investors in the fields of Architecture – Planning – Furniture – Landscape – Infrastructure.

BetaViet team of scientific and technical personnel crowded, highly qualified, synchronized, has extensive experience in construction consulting work, with full legal status, license, … BetaViet has been every day, every hour the work of design consultants Architecture, interior, landscape, … for the investors are individuals, private organizations across Vietnam. The architects, civil engineers, electrical engineers, water, infrastructure, landscape painter, interior, along with a team of experts from the University of Architecture in Hanoi, experienced staff actually support research platform supported by the depth of reasoning is always ready with the highest enthusiasm to provide customers with quality work, qualifications and international level.

Service design beautiful garden villas
villa design is a very complex job, moderately beautiful, chic, modern, and to the Feng Shui, the direction, the age and the will of the owner. Typically, these villas we design has a courtyard garden, landscape beauty and work better for your Feng Shui mansion.



Form beautiful 3-storey villas BT12273 – Architectural Perspective

Feng shui has learned from ancient notions, “Feng” means wind, the impact of wind and weather conditions.”Water” is water, lakes, rivers and canals, and its impact on the environment. Feng shui is arranging everything around to create harmonious living environment “yin – yang, the five elements.” Therefore, garden design for cottages will help control the flow of gas to the vitality and harmony in the garden are always present in every corner of the garden.

Plants in the garden with very special effects, is one of the things decoration, beauty house, mansion. Seen from the perspective of environmental protection, the plant through photosynthesis release oxygen itself, which (O2), providing fresh air to the home campus.

Green grass planted, creating a scenic environment full of life, vitality, beneficial to your villa.

Design Consultancy Free garden villa

You are planning or learn about the villas, please contact our consultants to answer my questions: Should build a few floors? With a floor area and number desired, the amount of investment needed is how much new build villas as standard? There are style, any style villa? How the garden area is reasonable? ..

Why choose villa design services professional?

On the market there are many new units, designed with cheap villas. However, BetaViet has always put quality works on top, we do not compete on price to reduce the quality of the customer.



Floor 1 of 3 storey form beautiful garden BT14390

With services designed garden villas, garden villas of BetaViet, you will be assured:

Works pretty and matching the capabilities you require.
Estimates given works very precisely, does not arise much.
Design standard, class.
Supervise the work done properly designed.
With over 8 years experience, BetaViet knows what customers need when designing the villa, you complete peace of mind when tasked with designing for us.
All detailed information, please contact your design HOTLINE garden villas, garden villas: 0915.010.800