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You’re learning about BetaViet. It is pleasure, pleasure for us is to provide useful information for you about the painting operations of its BetaViet.

BetaViet was established and operated with the desire to provide design consultancy services and professional construction synchronously meet the needs of investors in the fields of Architecture – Planning – Furniture – Landscape – Infrastructure.

BetaViet with the scientific staff of numerous technical, highly qualified, synchronized, has extensive experience in construction consulting work, with full legal status, license, … BetaViet has been every day, every hour the work of design consultants Architecture, interior, landscape, … for the investors are individuals, private organizations across Vietnam. The architects, civil engineers, electrical engineers, water, infrastructure, landscape painter, interior, along with a team of experts from the University of Architecture in Hanoi, experienced staff actually support research platform supported by the depth of reasoning is always ready with the highest enthusiasm to provide customers with quality work, qualifications and international level.


+ Office Beta Design Vietnam : 7th Floor Office Building, No. 91 Nguyen Emperor Xuan, Ha Dinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi.
+ Beta Vietnam construction Office : 2nd Floor Office Building, No. 91 Nguyen Emperor Xuan, Ha Dinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi.


The products of BetaViet is the result of creativity, effort and the image of BetaViet to offer our customers beautiful works as standard, ensuring quality care and support dedicated and thoughtful in the optimal cost savings the most. With those criteria BetaViet we sincerely thank the attention and are honored to serve you!